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Six Pac Sound was established back in 1996 with the original members Baby Kidd, Speedy, Fattboy, Apache and Drew Carey.  The Sound got it's start after Baby Kidd traveled to NY and picked up a set of turn tables.  Baby Kidd then went back to Florida and Speedy began buying records, Drew Carey got two speakers while Fattboy got his hands on a mixer from his mother.  From there, Six Pac Sound started playing at house parties, weddings, baby showers etc....  In 2001, a meeting took place with Butta to discuss the Sound joining the radio station family at 96.1Mixx and things took off from there.  Six Pac Sound began playing in a variety of night clubs in Florida including other states like NY, South Carolina & Georgia.  In 2010, Screwface and Len joined the Sound with Len being based in Jamaica.  Len also plays in the night clubs in Jamaica......Six Pac Sound is still doin' it's thing till this day.

Six Pac Sound and it's members can be found throughout social media sites like Facebook & IG.

Contact Info: Baby Kidd (954)918-8252

                     Fattboy (954)699-4870

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