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DJ Killa Mike's musical career was muchunexpected. Growing up in Brooklyn, being a deejay was the last thingon his mind. After graduating High School he moved to Florida wherehe met a familiar face from Brooklyn. This was Bigga Don, theco-owner of Miami's Prodigy Movements. Bigga Don taught Killa how tomix his first two records.

In 1995, Killa was approached bychildhood friends, Riff and Scorpio, who were co-owners of theProdigy Movements in Brooklyn. They wanted him to start a Miamiversion of Prodigy Movements. That's where business started to pickup. Killa Mike and Bigga Don began playing at a lot of school eventsand house parties, and then eventually graduated into the club scene.During those times Killa Mike was just an MC for Bigga Don and newmember DJ Dappa.
Ripping up the Reggae club scene Killa Mike wasvery eager in sharpening up his skills as a deejay. Playing on manyunderground radio stations in South Florida helped that process. Soonboth Bigga Don and DJ Dappa started to slow down on the party seenleaving Killa Mike to deejay alone. Killa then met English Fire andShadow Star and hired them to play on Prodigy. This is when Killa wasable to brandish his superior skills in mixing and rocking the crowd.Basically putting a stamp on every party he touched, Killa Mike wasdeemed one of the "Greatest" selectors in the dancehallscene in South Florida.
Killa Mike used his talent to travel andplay in countries like; Bahamas (Bimini & Freeport), Jamaica,Turks & Caicos, Belize, Bermuda, and in states like; Atlanta,Texas, New York and all of Florida.Still growing as a DJ, Killa Mikewanted to go back to his roots. Doing all he could in the Reggaeworld, Killa is now venturing in the Hip Hop field. Quickly rising asa known Hip Hop DJ in Miami, Killa Mike's future is shining brighterthan it ever did. The movement is still moving strong. You can nowcatch Killa Mike playing at both the hottest Reggae and Hip Hopevents in Florida. Stay tuned, who knows what's next in the KillaMike saga.

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