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ScotchBonnet is a pepper known for its ability to enhance flavor and addspice. It is used in Caribbean dishes but has the claim to famethroughout the world for bringing the heat. That being said, it is nowonder why this Artist, DJ, MC and songwriter extraordinaire hasdonned the name “Scotch Bonnet”. He has definitely been “Bringingthe Heat” to the dancehall genre and the airwaves around the world.

ScotchBonnet, affectionately known as “Scotch” or “Scotch Gambino”began his career as a “Selecta” or DJ in layman’s terms. Hisrole model in the business was the one who gave him his start. Yes,playing for his father's sound Ghetto Roots at the early age of 16,Scotch was completely immersed in a culture of musical expressionthat enabled him to quickly master the selection of music and DJskills needed to gain a strong fan base in the culture, dancehall andreggae genres. Combining these skills with mainstream music, Scotchquickly became a unique commodity to the industry with his uniqueability to fuse all genres of music while pushing the dancehallsound.

Soonthereafter, Scotch joined a group called Wickidness Intl' where hebecame further known in the college circuit. His work with this grouplasted about 4 years. In this time he played at such events as 3Some,Madhouse, Naked, and many other well-known events in the Floridamarket.

Withina few months of his solo world wind of dancehall fame, Scotch soonjoined Bambino and the Gambino Family. Playing as one of the topselector‘s worldwide, Scotch Bonnet then became one of the mostmultitalented and multifaceted Soundmen in the business.

In2010, Scotch graduated from the station Mixx96 and became a member ofthe 99 JAMZ station in South Florida. As a key radio personality onWaggy Tee's Bashment Explosion show, Scotch soon gained internationalexposure and began working as a host to various Caribbean affiliateevents around the world. In addition, Scotch was also the MC forWaggy Tee's sound while still serving as the Owner of the Gambinosound.

After 5 years withthe Bashment Explosion show, travelling, and playing numerousdancehall arenas alongside Waggy Tee, Scotch has taken his experienceback to MIxx 96 and is quickly emerging as one of South Florida’stop selectors with a new group called the Eccentrix Sound. Eccentrixis currently known for a few of South Floridas top reggae/dancehallevents Aura, Riddim Series, WayUp Thursdays and Miami Vice Episode.

WrittenBy: Carmeta (SmileyGirlEnt.) Sealy (smileygirlent@aol.com)

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